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Wasana resort ranong  nature eco resort for exploring the beach island SNORKELING tour koh kam   [the cheapest ]             Rainforest mangroves and walkingtrips

birds monkeys and local people it is  before the laem son national park [but free to explore the area]  SEE LONELY PLANET.    And facebook wasana resort bang ben

  1.   accomodations...                                                   450b     bungalow with fan and free WIFI [2rooms)          room ac tv and wi fi kettle for coffee 650b.(4rooms)  .   family room with 2big beds ac TV and free WIFI 800b. (2rooms)                         All with balcony in garden.                                   

HOW TO GET THERE:                                                         coming from the north take any bus who goes south and 46 km past Ranong  TOWN get of in [MUANG KLUANG]  ... laem son  marine park// Bang Ben Beach  //           [ask driver]    coming from the south 7km. after KAPOE TOWN get of same place                                             from the highway 4 crossing it is 9 km to the resort ask first shop on the right for motor or car taxi about 150/200 b.or hike for free! 

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THIS IS THE AMAZING ISLAND TRIP.....KOH KAM   japan island and SNORKELING after the weekend  is the best time to go... 650 p.p. min.4p.

WHAT TO DO AND SEE;         bird and monkeys watching       /       long sandy beaches         /     walking trails forest and beach free                                                        boat trip to 3 islands koh kam koh yapan snorkeling , food, vest,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

see you at our family resort   we speak dutch,german,english and thai

Here the area  with a drone around the resort..

Storks in bang ben
Storks in bang ben

bungalows and Beach area